Bacon Wins Again!

2 03 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, it is no longer a myth: bacon actually is the ultimate cure for a hangover.

The ultimate hangover cure. Seriously.

The ultimate hangover cure. Seriously.

Tell me more awesome things about bacon you say?

– Choline, found in bacon, has been found to increase the brain development, memory and recall of unborn babies. Pregnant women have been found to have lower reserves of this important micronutrient.  Pregnant ladies- eat your bacon!… or you know, eggs, which have a lot of choline too, and many other health benefits.

– A single serving of bacon (3 strips) has roughly 100 calories, 8 of fat and 7 g of protein. FACT: The majority of the fat in bacon is unsaturated (the healthier kind), at a ratio of about 2:1. The fat in bacon is actually pretty healthy.

– The more fat you can drain away from cooked bacon, the less caloric it will be. If you don’t mind using a microwave, you can microwave bacon between pieces of paper towel to slightly lower the fat and caloric content.

– Bacon contains a lot of sodium. I can’t sugar-coat this. If you have hypertension, you might want to stay away. However, if you are an athlete, eat up!

– Healthy, but untasty, foods can be made palatable with bacon. Don’t like liver? Wrap it in bacon. Brussel sprouts? BACON. Do it.


These are merely suggestions, there are no rules.

– Bacon reduces stress. Case in point:

You smiled. Don't act like you didn't.

You smiled. Don’t act like you didn’t.

Also, there is this.

– Bacon is the perfect breakfast. Protein and fat to fill you up and prevent a huge insulin spike caused by evil carbohydrates. Add some incredibly nutrient dense eggs into the mix with some dark leafy green vegetables and you couldn’t draw up a better way to start the day.

Seriously, bacon isn’t all that bad for you. Avoid eating copious amounts (much like with any other food) and it has a place in any diet.