One For The Men: How To Boost Your Testosterone

26 04 2013


Seeing how yesterday’s post was for the ladies, here’s a great piece for the men: 8 Ways to be an Alpha Male by Tomorrow, from my friends over at Muscle & Fitness.

As I mentioned yesterday, growth hormone (GH) is to women what testosterone (T) is to men: muscle-building, fat-burning, life-improving. High testosterone has a direct correlation to everything that could possibly awesome in a man’s life. The bad news? Testosterone levels, as a whole, have dropped dramatically over the last few decades. The reason for this phenomenon has yet to be determined, but I’m sure it has a lot to do with the typical North American lifestyle: low-quality nutrition, low levels of physical activity and less physical interaction with the opposite sex (the internet does have its disadvantages). As always, I encourage you all to read the article itself (especially this one, as it contains links to several other great articles), but here are the keys points (they may sound familiar, I wonder why…)

  • Don’t Fear Fat – The male body uses saturated fat to create testosterone, and as I’ve mentioned before, this “bad” fat won’t hurt you as long as you keep your unsaturated fats in balance and avoid a diet obnoxiously high in sugar and processed carbs.
  • Perform More Deadlifts From a Deficit – Or at the very least, perform more deadlifts in general.
  • Don’t Limit Your Protein – This one is simple. Be a man and eat your protein; lots of it. As the article states, don’t stop at 30 g per serving- that’s a myth created by some weak vegetarian.
  • Take Breakfast Down a Notch – Yep, skipping/delaying breakfast can boost your test. Are you actually still eating first thing in the morning???
  • Sleep More than 7 Hours a Night – Again, something I covered last week.
  • Increase the Intensity of your Workouts – Lift heavy things and do sprints. Again, this shouldn’t be news to my readers.
  • Desire More Sex – This one is interesting but it makes total sense. Show more interest in sex, boost your sex hormones. Science, what a thing.
  • Get your Testosterone Checked – All joking aside, I would like to encourage all my male readers to get your testosterone checked. I did this 2 years ago, discovered that I had very low levels of bioavailable testosterone, and we are still working on finding a solution. It’s a hormone that can drastically affect the quality of your life, so get it checked, and make sure you’re firing on all cylinders.
Strive for excess testosterone... Just don't be that guy.

Strive for excess testosterone… Just don’t be that guy.

That’s it and that’s all for today! For additional information on testosterone and lifting heavy things, don’t hesitate to send me a message!

Happy Friday!