2015 Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships

13 03 2015

On March 6th I represented Canada in the 175lb weight class at the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships. At the end of the day I was tied for 4th in the World, which is a nice result, but one that has left me completely unsatisfied with my performance. You heard it here first- next year I will be the top Strongman in the world u175.

Here are the videos from my day!:

150lb Circus Dumbbell, 5 reps in 60s, 4th place

600lb Yoke walk, 120ft in 19.99s, 3rd place

287lb Farmers walk, 60ft in 20.62s, 8th place

500lb Deadlift medley, barbell x2 + axle x7 in 60s, 4th place




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