23 07 2014

Two weeks in Europe without a visit to a gym. It was relaxing, but I’m looking forward to getting back to my regular deal.

Dynamic warm-up: 20x jumping jacks, 20x seal jacks, 8x cat camel, 8x yoga push-up, 10x lunges, 10x glute bridge, 8x side to side hip rocking, 10x Cossack squats, 10x body weight squats

DLs: 225×8, 315×5. With straps: 385×3, 445×3, 495×3. Added belt: 535×2 – Not messing around with this wrist issue; strapping for every work set until this improves. 495 felt great and the 535 was fine but a bit awkward; need to pull with a belt more.

Anterior loaded split squats: 115×6, 155×6, 175×6, 195×6, 205×8

Incline bench press: 135×8, 155×3, 185×3, 200×3, 185×8 – Everything felt good here, no issues to report.

Superset: T-bar rows w/fat grips: 2×8 w/pause, DB curl rack run: 4 reps each at 15-50 and 50-15, Hanging leg raises: 2×12

Great workout. Didn’t feel any lack of strength from the time off or “jet lag”, if you believe in that sort of thing.




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