9 07 2014

Dynamic warm-up: 15x jumping jacks, 15x seal jacks; LAX ball for bottoms of feet, calves, glutes and hips; 10x body weight squats, 8x cat camel, 8x yoga push-up, lunge variations, glute bridge x8, side to side hip rocking, Cossack squats x5

DLs: 225×8, 315×6, 365×5, 415×5, 475×5. Added belt and straps: 525×3 – Wasn’t going to use straps today but the 475 killed my wrist, wasn’t worth aggravating further.

Anterior loaded split squats: 135×8, 155×8, 175×8, 185×10

Incline bench press: 135×8, 145×5, 165×5, 190×5, 165×8 – First time barbell bench pressing in as long as I can remember. Really eased back into it. Wrist is an issue, but didn’t fire up my shoulders like it normally does. Going to build this up slowly.

Superset: Bent over rows w/fat grips: 135 3×8 w/pause, Preacher curls 2×8, DB clean and press 2×5; 1 extra bent over row set without fat grips 1×15

Last workout before leaving for vacation tomorrow. Body needs a serious rest; looks like I have 3 competitions coming up in August. If I get a chance to workout in Europe, I’ll definitely post it on here.




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