8 07 2014

Dynamic warm-up – 20x jumping jacks, 20x seal jacks, 10x body weight squats; LAX ball for bottoms of feet; 10x body weight squats, 8x cat camel, 8x yoga push-up, lunge variations, glute bridge x8, side to side hip rocking x8

Squats: 135×8, 225×6, 240×5, 275×5, 315×5. Added belt: 335×2, 365×2. All very, very light. Adductor remains an issue, felt like I was protecting it with every rep. At this point I’ve narrowed my stance considerably to lessen the pain. Feel strong, but need to work this out.

Standing Military Press: 95×8, 125×8, 135×8, 145 3×8

SupersetPull-ups 5×8, Skullcrushers 5×8 & Oly Squats: 225 2×15

Nice little workout, but my body (notably my hand and adductor) are ready for vacation later this week.




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